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Published on December 29th, 2015 | by IH guest


Stack the LACK into simple shelving

IKEA LACK side table as simple shelving or wardrobe

Here’s how to stack the LACK side tables securely. It can go as high as you wish and you can use it as simple shelving or a wardrobe.


  • 4 Lack tables
  • Wooden dowels
  • Wood glue

Assemble three LACK side tables. The fourth, we are only be using the table top.

LACK side table base shelf

Take the unassembled table top. Drill 4 holes into the LACK side table top for the dowels. Slather the dowels with a bit of wood glue and insert them into the freshly drilled holes.

Then, drill holes into the bottom of the LACK legs.

Drill holes into the LACK leg

They should fit into the pins over the base table.

Dowels to hold the upper shelf in place

Repeat on the next 2 side tables.

Wooden dowels

LACK side table stacked as simple shelving

~ Lorris Delacomptée

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  1. I'm loving it says:

    That’s brilliant, I’m almost sure I’ll replicate your design. Merci Beaucoup ^^

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