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Published on November 23rd, 2015 | by IH guest


LAXARBY door becomes landing space coat rack

LAXARBY landing space coat rack

Cezar Manea found this hack by Daria of exhibitd and sent it in.

Materials from IKEA:
door panel (LAXARBY)
two hook racks (SVARTSJÖN)

Other items needed:
4 nylon frame anchor screws 8×60 mm
4 drywall screws 3,5×25 mm
electric drill
cross head screwdriver, – Ø2, Ø8, Ø12 drill bits
measuring tape

Well, of course, you could just fix the SVARTSJÖN hook racks on to the wall and call it a day, but Daria took it a step further. The hook racks are fixed onto a LAZARBY door, which is then fixed on the wall. The door will protect your wall from getting dirty should you lean on it to put your shoes on or from rainy coats. And you can paint a beautiful pattern on the panels of the door too to beautify your landing space.

Measure and drill holes for the hook rack

Fix the hooks onto the door to DIY landing space coat rack

See the full tutorial on Daria’s blog.


Double workstation with MALM and RIBBA

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