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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by borud


Print It Yourself (PIY): IKEA Lack end-cap

If you want to shorten the table leg of an IKEA Lack table, you might want to put an end-cap on the leg after you have sawed it off. The leg is hollow so it will need something to plug the hole and stabilize the leg.  This is a 3D printed end-cap that you can download and print on your 3D printer yourself.

3D printing for IKEA Lack end-cap 3D printed for IKEA Lack end-cap

This end-cap is press-fit so you won’t have to glue it. Just Use (The) Force and push it in.

The STL and STP files are available from https://github.com/borud/ikea-lack-leg-end-cap

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