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Published on June 9th, 2015 | by lelaaa


SNUDDA Prairie Dog Wheel

prairie dog wheel

prairie dog wheel (1)

After several trips to IKEA I always stopped to admire the cool IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan.

However, the more I admired it the more I saw it’s full potential: help my Prairie Dog burn fat. :D

Material used:
1x IKEA Snudda
1x Common Aluminum Pan
Sandpaper & glue
8x Bolts & Screws


qjW8OlH - Imgur (1)

7Tfb2aS - Imgur (1)

w6fRpGf - Imgur (1)

T8nyed6 - Imgur (1)

ffrHeRP - Imgur (1)

YK6R0yj - Imgur (1)


See Prairie Dog using the wheel from 2:10 onwards

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One Response to SNUDDA Prairie Dog Wheel

  1. Lizzy says:

    What a great idea! Sadly I fear the weel is too small for a prairie dog. Rodents can get problems with their back if they run in a wheel which is not large enough. I like that you care a lot about your pet and build this weel. If you want to do something for your prairie dog’s health you might want to replace the pan with a larger one :-)

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