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Published on March 17th, 2015 | by Agustín L.


Wall mounted iPad holder using Skoghall hooks

iPad holder iPad holder

Materials: Skoghall hooks

There are two ways to hold the iPad on the wall, inserting the iPad from above, or by the side. The first one is the safer way because this way is more difficult that the iPad to fall from the holder.

It’s important to put the holders so the side buttons are free and you can use them without problems.

Best regards from Oviedo, Spain

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6 Responses to Wall mounted iPad holder using Skoghall hooks

  1. Shi Yun Wong says:

    My row of hooks in e loo already does the same job with no size restrictions.

  2. Mary says:

    like it!!!

  3. Wouldn’t suggest to use those hooks. They will cause ugly scratches. Better use plastic hooks.
    Btw.: Funny that the tablet showed on the pictures isn’t a iPad.

  4. Phillip Diaz says:

    Those hooks will scratch the edges of the tablet

  5. What’s that on the left, some sort of retro iPhone?

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