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Published on March 24th, 2015 | by IH guest


Lerberg trestle nightstands

trestle nightstands

IKEA LERBERG trestle nightstands

Materials: Lerberg trestle

I made two nightstands from an old IKEA desk using the Lerberg trestle.

What you need:
2x Lerberg trestles
1x 5′ x 18″ pine board (home depot)
Galvanized strapping
Spray paint
Wax finishing paste
“L” brackets
Tack cloth


Photo: IKEA.com

I cut the pine board to the dimensions I wanted (15″x18″ top, 12″x18″ bottom). I sanded the wood with a 80 grit, and softened the edges. Once done I wiped the boards with some tack cloth to get rid of saw dust, I then stained the boards with Old Masters Gel stain in Provincial. I let it dry for a day. Once dry I finished it off with some MinWax Wax Finishing Paste, in Natural.


While that dried I spray painted the legs in Rust-o-leums camouflage spray paint in earth brown, allowing it to dry between coats. I really wish I primed here, so I recommend you do so, or it chips easily.

Once everything was dry I then fastened the legs to the wood using the strapping and then secured two “L” brackets along the back edge, so that they could be secured to the wall for support. The bottom shelf I didn’t both securing as it sits in the legs securely.


Overall I love the way it looks. It looks sort of industrial chic. I didn’t invest too much money as I wasn’t certain I could pull it off. I used what I had on hand, and only purchased a few small things. For both tables I spent less than $20.00. However if your starting from scratch I would assume it would run you about $70.00 for both. Still not bad!





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2 Responses to Lerberg trestle nightstands

  1. If you go into business, I ll take 2 Sarah

  2. Björn says:

    Nice one. The Lerberg trestles are 6 Euro each. So it shoudn’t be that much more expensive.

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