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Published on February 6th, 2015 | by Maelle


Cat Bunk Hammock

Cat Bunk Hammock

Materials: TOFTBO floor mat / LUSTIFIK hat-shoe rack

To make this cat bunk bed, I simply cut out pieces of the Toftbo rug and glue-gunned them to the initial low quality plastic displayed on the LUSTIFIK shoe-shelf

IKEA Lustifik


I’m not sure where it’ll go on the wall so for now it’s staying on the floor. My cat loved it the minute she set her paw on it. A comfy easy and cheap new cat spot :)

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10 Responses to Cat Bunk Hammock

  1. rickibarnes says:

    My cats LOVE my Toftbo that is actually juat my bath mat, I was considering buying one specially for them – but this is next level!

  2. Nice idea! Instead of glueing the carpet material onto the plastic, I would use vecro to allow easy removal for washing.

  3. needs a small nightstand and a pair of slippers bedside to complete the look

  4. I love it, but I’m not sure our cats would bunk together.

  5. Rudy Gunawan says:

    Never see a cat sleeping on the top of his own poo.

  6. Do the turds on the lower bunk come with the kit?

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