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Published on January 13th, 2015 | by Ong Khai Wei



Polarvide curtain5

We wanted a half length curtain for our room which is light, dark color and high density (to block the sunlight). After few rounds of searching in departmental stores and ended up nothing fits our needs. We decided to DIY something easy and yet meet our needs.

2 x RINGSJÖN Shower Curtain Ring (Transparent)
2 x POLARVIDE Throw (Purple color)

Step 1 – Measure and cut
POLARVIDE Throw has the half round shape edge that helps to measure the width of the knot and space between knots. Use scissor to cut 10cm based on this pattern 1-1-6 unit (illustrated in picture 1).


Step 2 – Tie the knots
Tie the 1-1 unit to become a knot. After tying all the knots, there are 7 knots for a throw.

Polarvide curtain1

Polarvide curtain2

Polarvide curtain3

Step 3 – Put RINGSJÖN Shower Curtain Ring on the rod
Put 14 RINGSJÖN Shower Curtain Ring (7 rings for each throw).

Polarvide curtain4

Step 4 – Hang the DIY curtains
Hang the knot into the curtain ring.

Polarvide curtain5

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4 Responses to POLARVIDE Curtain

  1. Kathy Bright says:

    Not if you don’t sew at all.

  2. Kathy Bright says:

    Finding light-blocking curtains is harder than it sounds. A lot of the ones that claim to block only filter. I’ve got an industrial park behind me and their security lights mean my bedroom is never dark. I may have to try this.

    • To be honest I have bought (expensive) black out lining for my kids bedrooms, which is indeed black out, but it’s the fitting that’s the problem. The tiniest space between the window and the blind/curtain causes a lot of light to get through.

  3. My cats *love* these cheap (£3 in the UK) throws for sleeping on :)

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