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Published on January 26th, 2015 | by Sara Ryndfleisz


Modern Transfer Print Art

wall art

I purchased a frosted glass closet doors for $10 to apply a transfer print. I selected a photo from my portfolio and got a large print made at Fed Ex Print. Be sure to include 1/2-3/4 inch of margin. The transfer medium tends to wrinkle the paper a bit so it seems to shrink.

I used Omni Gel for the transfer. For a project so large, this took 2 bottles of the transfer medium. I applied the transfer medium with a nylon paint brush in 3 layers, allowing each layer to dry. The first was the thickest using a horizontal, vertical, diagonal approach and added some reinforcement around the edges.

To manage the next step I cut the print into 4 pieces to reassemble later on. Soak the paper in water for about 15 minutes and gently peel the paper off. After the print dried, I cleaned the glass and laid down a layer of the transfer medium to the back side of the glass door and applied the print, reassembling the pieces. I used a squeegee and a roller to smooth out bubbles and carefully used a utility knife to flatten out some stuck ones. I hung the finished print on the wall using 2 of the original hinge.


Ikea glass door
Print to transfer
Omni Gel Transfer Medium
Paint brush
Utility Knife

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6 Responses to Modern Transfer Print Art

  1. Owen Graupman says:

    Look in the scratch and dent section for the Morebo doors.

  2. Bob says:

    My like of this is almost equal to my annoyance that you don’t bother to tell us what door it is. It looks like the Morebo doors on my Billy bookcases, but they cost me a lot more than the equivalent of $10 (be that US, Candian, Australian, or Hong Kong).

  3. I am thinking some lighting behind it would be great!

  4. I like the idea, I would have changed the hinges though.

  5. Albert Buı says:

    Can she move it to the right a smidget

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