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Published on January 7th, 2015 | by Anne-Marie


Lack, lack, lack in a heaven’s door


I wanted a sliding door for my bedroom but the wall where the door was supposed to hide was too small. So I had to find a trick. My idea was to make a folding door. But it was not enough. It had to be awesome, quick and easy to make.


Ikea items hacked :
- 3 LACK side tables – high gloss white
- 1 LACK side table – orange
- 2 LACK wall shelf – birch effect

Other items used :
- 1 sliding door system
- 4 hinges
- 6 fixing brackets
- adhesive paper – oak effect
- mat acrylic paint – orange
- some screws

The advantages of using Ikea LACK items :
- the LACK items are lights
- the finish is already great, no need to paint the front side

I used the 4 tables to make the main part of the door. I assembled the sliding door system to it and then added the wall shelf with the hinges. I chose not to fix the 2 shelves together, that way I can just close that upper part and let the cat go take a nap in the bedroom.


Just add a little sparkle, MALM drawer chest

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17 Responses to Lack, lack, lack in a heaven’s door

  1. Isla says:

    I’ve a problem concerning the piece, where am i able to speak to the person responsible?

  2. Gaber says:

    Wow this is great, im looking at a similar project with Lacks as a divider. How was the sound ? Is the door flimsy?

  3. Nice.. you may have just solved an issue me and dh were talking about.

  4. michele says:

    For the door sliders check a farm store for Barn door sliding hardware

  5. julie tedesco says:

    where did you get the fur rug on your bedroom floor?

  6. Evelyn Reyes says:

    I need those door railings, where can I find them?

    • Anne-Marie Anne-Marie says:

      I already answered that question. But I’m a nice person, so I will answer again.
      The system is called “Yoko”, the brand is “Geom”. I bought it in a french store called castorama. I don’t know if it’s sold elsewhere in the world…

  7. Anne-Marie Anne-Marie says:

    @Kari : If you need a great sound proofing door, I think it’s not the best solution. The thermic insulation is ok but for the sound, it’s a bit less perfect. You can always try to add some rubber joint.

  8. Anne-Marie Anne-Marie says:

    First of all, thank you all for you replies.
    @Brian @MDR : the system is named “Yoko” and manufactured by “Geom”. In France I bought it in Castorama.fr
    @Zuzanna : The raven is “Gustav”, from the designer “Ibride”. You can find it everywhere on the web.

  9. Do you know where can I buy this wooden rook bird?

  10. Zuz_anna says:

    Where I can buy this wooden rook?

  11. MDR says:

    Can you tell me where you got the sliding door system? Thanks, that is amazing.

  12. Brian says:

    What sliding door system is that?

  13. The Lack series is actually made from door materials. So this is quite a close usage.

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