Room Divider SchilderScholte_Sterk Werk_office_IKEA Lack it or not

Published on January 21st, 2015 | by SchilderScholte architects


Lack it or not… office space divider

SchilderScholte_Sterk Werk_office_IKEA Lack it or not

Made of hundreds of IKEA Lack tables, this 32 meter long 3.2 meter high office space divider designed for a communication office. It represents an abstract view of the Rotterdam skyline the silhouette is also visible in the floor pattern.

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14 Responses to Lack it or not… office space divider

  1. Many little vibrations make big noise

  2. Phuong Tran says:

    So where’s the books

  3. Roxann Koop says:

    Can we say some assembaly required?

  4. Dean Meehan says:

    Could imagine the dusting!

  5. How are they connected together?

    • Steve says:

      My question exactly – are the legs simply glued to the table below? Are they bonded side-to-side?

      By my calculations would be about 400 tables in that wall, not counting the voids.

      • Gerrit Schilder says:

        Steve your are right, some 426 tables are used to make this duplex office divider. Dozens were sawn in two and used double sided.

    • Gerrit Schilder says:

      In answer to your question; the Lack’s are dowel joint + glued.

  6. That would get filled up with stuff pretty quickly in my office!

  7. Bruno Hache says:

    Simple, and cheap too!

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