Coffee table Table 1

Published on November 12th, 2014 | by sarah


White to stripe: LINNMON gets some colour

Table 1

Materials: ADILS legs, Colour duct tape, LINNMON table top

I have a small space and limited budget but I wanted to make a colourful and cheap table for my children to do their work on.

I had an old cheap white Linnmon table with 4 Adils legs from Ikea so I decided to use this!

I had some colour duct tape hanging around so I decided to use this but I soon realised I needed more colour!

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

I brought some cheap electrical tape from the pound shop (5 coloured rolls for a pound) and started to get sticking!

To get this effect I spaced out the colours and varied the widths of the tapes by overlapping them.

You can then varnish or use transparent sticky back plastic to seal, if you want a wipeable surface.

It only took an hour but my children love it and now work appears more fun!


My gerbilarium from KALLAX
Stolmen Cat Feeding Station / Cat Tree

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17 Responses to White to stripe: LINNMON gets some colour

  1. Love it- but I can’t help but think it looks like an OCD-type A nightmare to me. Ohhhhh the possibilities of crookedness run amuck.

  2. Changed my old refrigeraytor with a stripe design ..8 yrs ago.. Still nice.

  3. Silvana Hex says:

    Or sticky plastic, i dont know how they call it in english but they are large sheets of plastic with glue on one end licke a sticker and a nice print on the other end. (Flowers, wood, planks stripes or anything else) its great to decorate

  4. Looks like Washi tape to me.

  5. doesn’t it make it bumpy?

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