Bedroom IKEAhack night stand

Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Florianne


Perfect small night stand for limited space next to Queen bed

IKEAhack night stand

Materials: FULLEN mirror cabinet

This hack is easy-to-make and very clever to obtain the perfect night stand. In search of a nice night stand for limited space next to my bed, this small cabinet (17 cm, 6.7″) is perfect in between my door and bed.

First of all, according to IKEA this cabinet should be hung on the wall, but it is perfectly stable standing up. Therefore, we could turn the cabinet upside down!
Just three simple alterations:
1. The wall attachment elements don’t have to be installed
2. When adding the back to the cabinet, only nail the wooden planks behind the mirror part of the cabinet, but leave the extra shelf open.
3. Turn the cabinet upside down and set the glass plates (behind the mirror) in place.

Finished! Now you have a great see-through night stand, your reading books accessible from both sides and therefore more table space to put your stuff on this small night stand :)

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5 Responses to Perfect small night stand for limited space next to Queen bed

  1. Sivan says:

    Nice use of the awkward space, and it looks lovely! but my first thought was “they probably don’t have dogs” :D I definitely would have secured it to the bed/wall and replaced the mirror door.

  2. gryfflepuff says:

    I disagree with the previous comments, I have been looking for something like this, as I also have an awkward space between the wall and the bed. I would probably just leave the door off, and maybe use one bracket to attach it to the bed or the wall for stability, but overall this might be the solution I have been looking for!

  3. Lina says:

    I’m sorry, but this just looks like an upside-down bathroom cabinet to me.
    It has a good height and width, I like the top part for the books and I’m glad this works out well for you, but to make it look a little less out of place I’d maybe have painted it and definitely removed the mirror. Having a small mirror essentially on the floor makes no sense to me and also I’d be afraid to hit it while walking and probably smash it.

    • Jerry says:

      I kind of agree with the two remarks above: stability is not the key point of this project. I understand your goal but maybe some brackets here and there could help fix the cabinet . And also the mirror is, for me, not nice and unsafe as well as the glass shelf. I would definitely have chosen a lower hack to diminish gravity centre, hence risk of falling.

      For the same price (20 eur) and 3 cm larger only, Besta extra stand looks a better solution I think: (took the UK site but don’t know where you’re from)

  4. Sorry I have to say this says:

    This is a recipe for disaster.
    You turn over in your sleep and one of the following happens :
    1. That nice strawberry ends up on the floor, broken.
    2. you smack your hand on the corner of the stand – that sharp corner.
    3. The whole stand topples over and everything breaks – strawberry, lamp, glass and mirror.

    Be careful.

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