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Floatie Pen Display

floatie pen3


Every since I was little I was fascinated with floatie pens. I am not sure how my ‘collection’ actually started but at some point I realized that I sort of had a lot and should display them. As I was searching for a display to purchase, it quickly became apparent that there was no such thing–at least that I was able to locate. So, I made several attempts at DIY displays. One in particular I thought would work, but never turned out quite the way I wanted. (It was using a toothbrush holder. I still believe someone could pull it off, just not me.)

floatie pen1

My floatie pen collection

Then it hit me, a picture shelf ledge turned vertical! And I had just the spot in the house to hang it!

Here is how it turned out. I really love it! I have summarized the steps I took to create it. It’s super simple!

floatie pen2

Marks on painter’s tape helped me make sure I was drilling where I wanted to.

So, this project turned into an IKEA hack. YAY!  I purchased a Ribba picture ledge from IKEA.

I took that Ribba picture ledge and drilled holes into it that would accommodate the pens. I used some painters tape on the front to mark where I wanted to drill. I also added some of the tape to the back. My hope was that this would save the finish. I was not so lucky. Easy fix though, I painted the center piece front and back a coordinating wall color. I started with a 1/4 inch drill bit and tested the pens and went up from there. I believe I landed on 9/32. A 5/16 may also work. I would advise that you go slow and test a variety of pens after everydrill. For the visual learners out there, here are some pics.

floatie pen4

A little touch of paint in the center makes it look fancy I think.

I am very pleased with the outcome and it makes me smile everytime I walk past!

floatie pen5

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2 Responses to Floatie Pen Display

  1. Crab says:

    I love seeing how others deal with their collections, and what a great solution for yours!

  2. been there says:

    fyi, if you place some scrap wood below the position you are drilling and drill slightly into it, you prevent (or mostly prevent) the “blow out” damage that can occur on the backside. I only have one such pen – hmmm where is it?

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