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Published on August 25th, 2014 | by Hannah & Ned


Double Decker VITTSJÖ

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 1.46.06 PM

Materials: VITTSJÖ Shelving Units

We recently moved into a 250 square foot loft apartment… so we had to get creative with our storage. Luckily, the place had 12 foot ceilings, so we decided to do a floor to ceiling shelving unit.

We purchased 4 VITTSJÖ 39 3/8×68 7/8″ shelving units, and 2 VITTSJÖ 20 1/8×68 7/8″ shelving units. We used a sawzall to remove a portion of the top units and a space for the television and added extra support brackets where needed. We secured each unit to its base shelf and the wall and voilà! Double Decker VITTSJÖ.

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4 Responses to Double Decker VITTSJÖ

  1. Max says:

    Couldn’t you make some simple cleats with some 1x2s in between the frames? And then just paint them the same color as the wall. That would be pretty painless and I’m sure it would help with the load.

  2. S91 says:

    Hi! This looks so cool!
    How did you secure the top units to the ones standing on the floor? Would be great to see some detailed photos of how you secured everything and where you but the support brackets.

  3. Enos says:

    Hello !
    This looks very nice, although I would be very precautious over the area where you have a hole for a TV I guess ?
    There will be a lot of weight over it and whatever anchor in the wall won’t help to sustain the potential weight of shelves full of books.
    I would have liked to have such high ceilings !

    • Sergio says:

      I agree on the weight concern and not only on the part of the TV.
      The columns of each shelf are made only for the weight of the shelf itself and the things stored on it.

      If loaded with the same type of stuff, the weight on the lower columns will be the double than the superior columns… it may not hold on.

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