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Published on August 15th, 2014 | by Lili


Cheap bathroom storage from Lack tables

DSC02941 - Copie

Materials: 2 BYGEL S-hooks batches, 2 LACK side tables, 3 BYGEL rails

We had a lot of wasted space on top of our washing machine in our bathroom, so we decided to put some shelves or equivalent up there.

The problem was that the ones we found were not wide enough to our taste, or not tall enough, or too expensive, or…

So we bought 2 LACK side tables, some BYGEL rails and S-hooks and got to work !

DSC02939 - Copie

We assembled the tables together with shelf brackets, screwed the rails onto the sides of the tables, put the hooks on the rails, et voilà !

LACKs around the corner
3D printed bracket for smaller bottles in Hutten wine rack

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4 Responses to Cheap bathroom storage from Lack tables


    If my wife did this to our bathroom or laundry room, the doo doo would hit the fan so fast & so hard, the Empire State Building would collapse.

    It’s not that I do not like this idea, on the contrary, I love it…but I have claustrophobia & if the rom is “crowded” with stuff, I have a tendency to go ballistic. Even with my meds, I still get wigged out at times…

    I can see this in my home, as long as I don’t feel “closed in”…
    also can see this in my workshop/garage/barn/etc…

    As I said earlier, I love this idea!! But with my limitations, there are very few places I could utilize this.

  2. cdubz says:

    Good idea, but looks a little messy and cluttered. Maybe some cute baskets to store the items in or a curtain to hide the stuff?

  3. Danny says:

    Allowed to use the lack table creatively, I couldn’t have used it as creatively. Seems like a great idea for people looking for cheap/DIY storage solutions for their bathroom. Personally, I’d prefer a storage that would keep my bathroom essentials away from prying eyes :)

  4. Cindy VR says:

    I like this because it’s so quick, easy, and cheap, but I would use baskets to hold a a lot of the clutter of products for a sleeker, cleaner look.

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