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Published on July 28th, 2014 | by Jules Yap


Under eaves storage TARVA hack

tarva cab8

Materials: 2 x TARVA chest of 5 drawers

OK so I needed some clothes storage in my new attic room but I didn’t want a wardrobe at an odd angle following the roof line and also I didn’t want to lose any valuable floor area. I thought I would build two chest of drawers underneath the purlin and run a clothes rail between after seeing similar on here and Pinterest.

The main issue was the purlin was reasonably low so I knocked the stud wall down and brought the two hacked TARVA’s forward 25cm from the purlin, this is half the width of your average clothes hanger (due to the purlin being the lowest point to hang the rail). I only had 94cm height for the drawers so I cut down the TARVA by sawing off 11.7cm off the top to remove the smaller fifth drawer and screwed it back together.

tarva cab1
tarva cab2
tarva cab3
tarva cab4
tarva cab5
tarva cab6

tarva cab7

I then fitted the chest of drawers underneath the purlin, measured each of the 4 corners and cut the drawers legs exactly so they were wedged in position tight and along with the serious screws through the TARVA top into the purlin, they are never going anywhere!

I then had another idea, I had intended installing a plasterboard surround at the top to create a more fitted look but it was going to be dead space so I ran some pine furniture board across the top for a book case/ storage area, made a pine surround for the wardrobe section, bolted the clothes rail to the purlin and make some doors out of more furniture board (all cut by Arnold Laver for free). Used Ronseal interior wax Rustic pine – its more like stain but did the job.

3 + 4: Tarva x 2 = £180 + £150 of Pine Furniture board

~ Timo

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4 Responses to Under eaves storage TARVA hack

  1. Bianca says:

    In my opinion this could have got even better if you toke more drawers and got them together to make them longer to take advantage of the space at least on the bottom.

    • Fred says:

      Yes but in that case it would have been too short for the shirts hanging inside :/

      • Inaam says:

        No, I think Bianca meant having deeper draws for those that are lower down, but the would need longer runners and reinforced to take the weight. Plus room to actually open them that far out.

        I love the fact you have a crawl space for hiding the lesser used items away behind your shirts and even the draws.

        I have a large long wall with dead space like this, and will drill some holes to see how deep it is and whether I can fit draws or cupboards in it.

        • Zan says:

          I agree. I would want to utilise that extra depth behind the bottom pull out drawer, wasting nothing. In any case, I would need wayyyy more hanging space; men are so lucky to not need it as much :-) .

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