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Published on July 15th, 2014 | by Het Artiek Leo Bunt


Standing work desk and DJ booth


Materials: 1 lack shelf long, 1x LINNMON tabletop, 2 drawer rails, 2 Lack shelf short, IKEA LED

desk1 desk3

This is my standing workdesk with dj booth.
I made the leg from a Lack shelf and another for the computer and speakers.
A long Lack shelf to put under the tabletop with drawer rails for the midicontrollers.
Made the tabletop shorter and used the remaining material to finish the desk.

A Spontan magnetic pot hanger
Malm Nightstand morphs into mobile projector station
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5 Responses to Standing work desk and DJ booth

  1. Maurice says:

    nice setup, are you able to show a step by step assembly? Thanks

  2. ron says:

    Hi mate,
    nice work!
    I would be interested in a detailed tutorial as well.
    Esepecially I am interested how you built the keyboard pullout.

  3. Helle says:

    I agree! Having a detailed step by step assembly would be really nice! This is a nice and clean setup and very close to what I want to build for myself:D

  4. Leo Bunt Leo Bunt says:


    Im very busy with work right now so al be back later with some details. The keyboard is just a long lack shelf with 2 simple rails at both sites. Made it shorter and peeled of the side with a sharp knife and glued it again to make the shelf fit the desk. (sorry english is not my main language ;)

    Leo Bunt
    Het Artiek

  5. nee says:

    Hi i m wondering if you mount the LINNMON to the wall or just depend on the leg you made from LACK shelves?

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