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Published on July 18th, 2014 | by Lovelygirl


Hackers Help: Can new Billy doors fit old Billy frame?



Just discovered today that Billy’s doors are all discontinued in the UK. We wanted 10 white, glass Olsbos but not available.

A new Billy and new doors are scheduled to be in the UK in August (2014) – BUT !! the new doors will not fit on old Billy shelves. Couldn’t get the Customer Services Assistant to say why, only that the surface is shinier and some bits are more rounded. The new doors – called Oxberg look pretty similar to the old Olsbo and are the same dimensions.

Has anyone hacked them on to the old shelves? If so how? Or have you hacked other glass doors on to Billy?

Many thanks


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9 Responses to Hackers Help: Can new Billy doors fit old Billy frame?

  1. EofS says:

    In Germany, the Oxberg doors are already on the website.


    (Lucky you want white!)

    Looking at the pdf of assembly instructions (Montageanleitung) they seem to attach in exactly the same way as the Billy doors we attached this weekend. The design is subtly different and they’ve replaced the push openers with a handle (odd step backwards there…) But they appear absolutely to be the standard Ikea hinges. So the only thing that I can think would get in the way is if they’ve changed the spacing of the holes in the new Billy frames.

    (Interestingly, whilst we were told in store in the UK that Billy is being changed, new doors won’t be compatible etc, the German website was saying something along the lines of “same shape, new colours”. It was certainly a different message than we got in store!)

    Good luck! I’ve got my parents driving halfway across the country tomorrow trying to track down one of the remaining oak glass/panel Olsbo doors (we have 3 doors to cover two double bookcases, so that’s a problem…) so I can definitely understand your frustration. Lucky you’re looking for white, seems like you’ll probably be able to make Oxberg fit!

  2. Alfaikea says:

    My concern is not to achieve good holes but that new doors have the same weight as the old ones. Might otherwise strain the hinges.

    • EofS says:

      Ikea publish the weight of everything they sell and the new doors appear to be lighter. Comparing the half-height panel door the old one had a package weight of 3.3kg, the new of 3.1kg. Unless the old one has a lot of extraneous packing material adding several hundred grams (and this is Ikea, so I highly doubt that!) the new door must be lighter. Double height glass, it’s 9.2kg for the old, 7.3kg for the new.

  3. Julian-Felix says:

    in IKEA in Denmark, I found this one to mark the new holes. It works.


  4. Amber says:

    Has anyone made this work? Tips?

  5. Lovelygirl says:

    Many thanks everyone. Still not sure what to do. Might buy whole new set of Billy and consign old shelves to the workshop…

  6. Oisin Dunne says:

    I bought the new doors yesterday for the old billy’s and it was quite easy to install them once I laid the bookcase flat on the ground and used a small drill bit. With 2 people, you could do it on the cases while standing up. In all, I did 5 doors in about 2 hours. I was a bit fiddley but I needed them on the discontinued extra deep shelves. The wieght is no problem and the doors hang very well. Usual issue with adjusting so that they meet in the middle. Only issue with the new doors is that they seem to be less finished than the bookshelf. The finish is rough compared to the side finish if the Billy case. Another trip to Ikea is needed to confrim that this is the new design or if I just have a bad batch of 5.

    • Don Kinghan says:

      Hello. We bought whole Billy set in June/ July. Then bought an extra 3 waist high book shelves and found the old doors out of stock. We just bought the Oxbergs yesterday (Belfast) only to notice the hinge holes in the doors dont match the case. Will have to drill new ones to suit. Also noticed as you have said that the doors are slightly rougher than the old ones. As if they have applied one or two less coats of sealer/ finish etc. At the time we bought the book cases we were given the new order code for the Oxberg replacements and told to check on line for when they arrived which is what we did. They didnt mention they wouldnt be an exact replacement.

  7. SteveK says:

    I installed new Oxberg doors (802.755.71) onto my old Billy bookcases (600.717.87) this weekend. Here’s what I used for the measurements of the holes:

    Holes: use 1/8″ (or less) drill bit, drilling 1/2″ deep

    Holes should be 1 1/2″ from the front edge (lining up with the exist shelf peg holes).

    Top hole is 2 5/8″ from top, inside edge. The next hole is 1 1/4″ down from the top hole.
    Bottom hole is 2 7/8″ from bottom inside edge. The next hole is 1 1/4″ up from the bottom hole.

    Good luck!

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