Outdoor glass fence_renamed_22622

Published on July 17th, 2014 | by Lars Albinsson


Glass Fence from Glass Table Tops

glass fence5_renamed_26349
glass fence_renamed_22622

Materials: IKEA hardened glass table top

We wanted a glass fence for our balcony, without paying a fortune. So I got a few IKEA hardened glass table tops. These are the same type of glass used in expensive fences. To get a rough, industry look I got cheap iron L-beams to make the posts.

Two pieces are welded together to make an L-shaped post that is bolted to the floor. Put insulation strips on the side towards the glass to protect it. Hardened glass is strong but can crack buy small, sharp objects.

glass fence1_renamed_17946
glass fence2_renamed_20660
glass fence3_renamed_28026
glass fence4_renamed_14693

A third L-beam is bolted onto the post to clamp the glass tight. Corner posts are made the same way, but the clamping piece is put on the inner angel of the post. Ends towards a wall are simply two pieces of L-beam bolted to the wall.

Please note that you can’t cut hardened glass. You’ll have to find ready-made that have the right sizes. Also note that there may be building codes and other regulations that may affect your design and choice of materials. The ones I made are ok here in Sweden.

Our fence have been up for about 5 years without any problems. They total cost of material was about 1/7 of the offer from the fencing firm!

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5 Responses to Glass Fence from Glass Table Tops

  1. UCN says:

    Looks great, but I would warn anyone inspired to do the same to check local building codes. Where I am, such glass railings would have to be made out of Laminated Glass, which is 2 layers of tempered (hardened) glass, with a 2mm layer of plastic heat-bonded in between. Laminated Glass is much safer, as even if the outside layers shatter, the plastic layer holds everything together in one piece. Tempered/Hardened glass has the propensity to shatter catastrophically into tiny little square pieces when it does break. Not a fun way to enjoy the view.

  2. Pippa says:

    Cool look at a fraction of the price of architectural glass from C.R.Lawrence or some such supplier.
    Very clever idea indeed!
    You might want to finish the iron supports, if you leave them untreated, the rust will quickly and irreversibly stain your deck.
    Yes, you definitely will want to apply those black vinyl predator bird cut-outs to the glass. Having to clean up dead birds in various states of decomposition gets old real quick.

    Enjoy your beautiful uninterrupted view!

  3. Lisa says:

    Fantastic!!!! Supremely elegant.

  4. Patty says:

    Beautiful! What creativity!

  5. N. Berg says:

    Not to rain on your beautiful work, but that looks like dead small birds waiting to happen. Will you put up stickers or some pattern to help them avoid the glass?

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