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Published on July 2nd, 2014 | by Rotten Apple


Bus Stop Bag Holder


Materials: Aluminum,  BJÄRNUM Folding hook

Fixing an old BJÄRNUM Folding hook to a bus stop sign post in New York City creates a clever way to hang your bag while you wait for your bus to arrive. No longer do you have to set your bags on the ground, or strain your back / arms holding them while you wait. Just fold down the hook and freely hang your bag from this bus stop sign post.

More pictures of this functional urban hack can be seen at

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3 Responses to Bus Stop Bag Holder

  1. Andrew Benes says:

    I can’t believe the other comments on here. This is a very clever hack that I think embodies the very idea of this website.

  2. twiggy says:

    Clever , but also dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend putting your bag down anywhere in public in NYC

  3. cr17 says:

    This is great way to get dog-piss (and possibly human-piss) on whatever you hang on there.

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