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Published on July 11th, 2014 | by Joe


Aneboda “Tiled” Wardrobe Hack


Materials: ANEBODA wardrobe

We had 2 white Aneboda for a couple of years and to be honest they weren’t looking their best and the handles had gone an off white colour.

We have been juggling the options as to whether to buy a 3 bed house or stay in our existing 2 bed house and having our 18 month old daughter move into the same bedroom that our 4 year old son already has. The decision was to move our daughter out of our room and into our daughters room due to it being more viable cost wise. However this wouldn’t work too well as our sons room was a good size for him and him alone so we decided to swap rooms. Them having our 16ft x 11ft room and us having his smaller 10ft x 11ft room. We bought them a new bed, painted, re-carpeted etc etc and the price was creeping above £1000  and I was still looking at Ikea for new wardrobes for them when I wondered if there was anything I could do with the existing two Aneboda units we already had.

I racked my brains thinking of maybe wallpapering the centre panel, painting it, replacing it and I wasn’t sure I’d be happy at all with the finish of any of these…. I then saw some mosaic tiles at B&Q and went ahead and purchased the tiles and some white fix and grout… and also some SATTA wardrobe door handles on sale from IKEA and this is the before and after… (well I never took pics of before so I took a pic of the back of one of the doors)…

20140705_130546 20140705_130601 20140705_224112

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RIBBA cloud night light

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2 Responses to Aneboda “Tiled” Wardrobe Hack

  1. joe says:

    This added a little extra weight to the doors but we have had no issues what so ever with this.

  2. Andrew says:

    How much weight did this add? Have you found its caused a problem with the doors? Hopefully not, you’ve inspired me to decorate mine like this rather than buy new ones!!!

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