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Published on July 29th, 2014 | by Alexey


A STOLMEN lamp post and more


Materials: STOLMEN hook, STOLMEN mounting fixture with 2 holders

I made a lamp using STOLMEN mounting fixture.

For this hack you are going to need a wire with switch, an Edison screw (E27 here in Europe) and a lamp (I used an LED one bought in IKEA).

IMG_0157-1 IMG_0158-1

First of all, I connected the wire and the Edison screw and put that construction inside the STOLMEN mounting fixture. I found using the thicker grommet from the set more convenient for fixing the Edison screw inside the STOLMEN fixture. The lamp is ready.

Attaching the hook to the lamp allows using the final construction on variety of areas.

I think that STOLMEN lamp could be used for different designer projects.

I hope that photos are going to make the description more clear.

IMG_0159-1  IMG_0161-1 IMG_0162-1 IMG_0164-1 IMG_0171-1 IMG_0172-1

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  1. javagirl1972 says:

    THIS IS GENIUS !!!! I am doing this tonight!!!

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