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Published on June 4th, 2014 | by UNtamED designs - Seattle, WA


Uni-Leg Desk

Complete Desk

Materials: One (1) ADILS Leg, Three (3) EKBY STÖDIS Bracket, Two (2) LINNMON Table top

Uni Leg -Product Info

This desk design is composed of LINNMON Table tops joined together with EKBY STÖDIS Brackets, and one ADILS Leg.

The “Uni-Leg Desk” is a perfect laptop or writing-desk. It can also be used in a small kitchen as a breakfast-table for two! This table has a contemporary look, yet is VERY cost effective!

Desk Side Desk Front


1) Screw the ADILS Leg to one of the LINNMON table tops. The leg should be centered towards the short side of the table top.

2) Once the leg is on, position the other table top vertically and/or perpendicular to the horizontal table top.

3) Make sure the horizontal table top, with the leg screwed on, is level!

4) Next secure three (3) EKBY STÖDIS Brackets to both the horizontal and vertical table tops. Place bracket near each side and the third in the center. Thus, joining the two table tops together. It is recommended that you use 1 ½” screws for the brackets.

Ikea Products:

One (1) ADILS Leg
Product dimensions:
Diameter: 1 5/8″
Height: 27 1/2″

Two (2) LINNMON Table top
Product dimensions:
Length: 39 3/8”
Width: 23 5/8″
Thickness: 1 3/8″

Three (3) EKBY STÖDIS Bracket
Product dimensions:
Width: 1″
Depth: 6 3/4″
Height: 6 3/4″
Eight (8) Screws
Product dimensions:
Length 1 1/2”

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