Stands final look

Published on June 24th, 2014 | by Silvano


Stainless Steel Speaker Shelf

final look

Materials: 2 Godvin Legs and 1 Limhamn Shelf

I started by marking 3 holes per leg under the shelf – hold the leg at the far sides and use a permanent mark – take your time.

Pre-drill small holes for alignment and then re-drill with the proper bit size.

completed shelf drilled  6 holesShelf and Legs 2014-06-18 23.49.19

Use a good bit or you might slip or bend the metal.

Once the holes drilled, I used 3 small bolts to mount the legs and finished the top with a piece of carpet underlay to cover the bolt-heads and have a grippy and soft surface that will hold my speaker securely that wouldn’t slip off easily.

If you take your time, it should take you 1hr.

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