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Published on June 3rd, 2014 | by Fabiano Taioli & Simone Antonelli


“Sgantina” – Under stairs Billy Bookshelves


Materials: Five white Billy Bookcases

We was inspired by other Billy Hacks found here. We were in need of an understairs bookcase and we love the minimal and simple look (and affordability) of Billy so we tried to adapt them to my space.

The basic tool we used is a circular saw. So we started from left mounting one module at at a time.

All modules are of the regular Billy with the exception of the second one to the left cut to end where the floor step is.

ikea4s ikea3s ikea2s

Apart from circular saw we have used hammer, ruler, Spirit level, wood screw, wood glue and wood plug.

In the end our “best friend” was white Stucco which we used to fix all imperfection and holes.

The Angled-High Wall Unit
Easiest LACK footstool hack ever

3 Responses to “Sgantina” – Under stairs Billy Bookshelves

  1. Sherry Guo says:

    Very smart design, i had similar question as Charlotte and Chandra, pls shed some light?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Same questions as Chandra :-)

  3. Chandra Bahari says:

    I love this design and would like to make something similar. Could you explain how you made the vertical dividers and how you connected them to the shelves? Would you be able to fill the shelves with books or would it be too unstable? Thank you very much.

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