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Published on June 17th, 2014 | by Michael Naish


Klippan Corner Sofa Conversion and Longer Oak Fence Post Legs


Materials: KLIPPAN sofa x 2

Firstly, I cut the arm off one of the sofa’s. This made a very comfy place for two to stretch there legs out across and still have enough space for one person at each of the ends.

I then decided that the sofa was far too low on those metal legs, and my local pub was having a new fence, so I used the old oak posts to raise it by the same again. This transformed the sofa making it the perfect height to get on and off and sit comfortably on. I always thought they were a bit low!

I later ordered some replacement covers from eBay as you can see in the photo.

Perfect compact comfy sofa, that can simply be refreshed by some new covers every 5 years or so…

Molger 2.0
Bigger bowl

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3 Responses to Klippan Corner Sofa Conversion and Longer Oak Fence Post Legs

  1. Ellen says:

    Hmmmok….. yes, the seat rests on the armrest/side panel. Am now halfway this hack but really need to know what the seat (and the back leg) are supported by at the cut off side………….

  2. André says:

    Any news on that? I would totally like to get a closer look on how it is done.
    Personally I think the sofa will loose it’s robustness. It actually stands on the arms, right?

    Also it would be interesting what you did with the cover. Just cut it?

    Thanks! André

  3. Jules Germany says:

    hi. so, you removed one arm. could you show some photos of this? and maybe some close-up shots of how the cover now fits where the 2 klippans come together?

    i have a 4 spot klippan and a 2 spot klippan + stool. new covers would be an option, but only if it is really easy and comfy to transform it into a corner sofa.

    thank you.

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