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Published on June 18th, 2014 | by spencerford


Hackers Help: Can you id this (Seemingly) Ancient Bed?

Checking http://www.bemz.com and Google, I can’t find anything on this bed. I plan on hacking the daylights out of it, which would involve some recovering. Does anyone know what bed this is?

65165 $_20

Thanks in advance guys!

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10 Responses to Hackers Help: Can you id this (Seemingly) Ancient Bed?

  1. Jon says:

    I still have this bed and love it. I got custom slip covers made from sofa upholstery to change the color of it.
    It took me 9 hours to assemble it so it wasnt a popular sell. I saw it in the as is section from a return because many gave up assembling it.

  2. kal says:

    Actually, we used to have that bed. Purchased circa 2005? Not a terribly attractive bed — not sure what we were thinking at the time. Bet this will make a good hack.

  3. Caroline says:

    I suspect this is “vintage” IKEA (they’ve been around since 1951); I’ve been getting the catalogue since the late 90s and have never seen anything like that. Upholstered beds were big in the 80s so maybe from that era? (

    • F.A. says:

      Nah, I doubt it’s design is so old as to be vintage. In terms of stock these were available at least as late as 2006 or 2007; I bought one then after seeing them in the catalogs for a couple years. When I bought it I think they were on clearance, so their production run probably ended 7-8 years ago or maybe a bit earlier. They seemed popular in-store but they were also very big (>50 sqft) and relatively expensive (something like $400-$600 full price). This was in Canada btw, and judging by the Blue Jay’s pennant and Maple Leaf’s flag in spencerford’s photos that’s where he’s located too. Could’ve been a regional thing, but in any case, if this was an ’80s design then they likely had a production run of around 20 years.

      It’s been a good bed, especially for places you can’t fit a couch or other main piece of lounging furniture. I look forward to seeing the hack attempts.

      • Shirley says:

        Can you help me with the assembly of this monster. I have the bed but no instructions on assembly. Or where I might find them on the web. Thank you

    • Jo2dan83 says:

      I seen this bed in ikea Warrington (uk) for sale around 1997/1998 I really wanted it but my parents wouldn’t buy it me i remember it being like £450/550 at the time (So Cool) :)

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