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Published on June 11th, 2014 | by Lora, from Craftivity Designs


Faux Weathered Wood Shelves


Materials:EKBY TRYGGVE shelves, EKBY VALTER brackets

When remodeling our bathroom we wanted the look and feel of rustic shelves; but the ease and expense of simple Ikea EKBY shelving.

To get that weathered wood look, I watered down a solid wood stain. I had watered down paint many times before; but had never considering trying that with a wood stain.

faux-weathered-wood-shelves-2coats faux-weathered-wood-shelves-supplies-labeled

The unfinished wooden EKBY shelves soaked up the watered down stain perfectly. It has that weathered, uneven look like a piece of reclaimed wood… and it only took a few coats of stain!

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3 Responses to Faux Weathered Wood Shelves

  1. Zach says:

    What color of Behr stain did you use? Interested in doing this for my kitchen, don’t suppose you recommend a sealer as well?

  2. Katia says:

    I like this a lot! Looks nice with the white bracket

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