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Published on June 11th, 2014 | by lmunck


A Flower Power Charging Box


Materials: PLUGGIS

Drilled a few holes in a Pluggis box with lid, and added flowers on top.


1) Drill out the holes in the Pluggis box
2) Cut out the EVA foam, cut holes for USB cables, and then staple on the flower patches
3) Pull the USB cables through the holes in the foam and lid
4) Put the USB multi-charger inside the Pluggis box and attach the cables
5) Set up your new charger box

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One Response to A Flower Power Charging Box

  1. eido says:

    “4) Put the USB multi-charger inside the Pluggis box”

    Never — I repeat in capitals: NEVER — put a wall wart into an enclosure with little air flow, or you risk a major fire hazard. I had two usb wall warts go up in pretty flames already, really, don’t do it.

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