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Published on May 23rd, 2014 | by joao mouta


White planter from Sultan bed frame


I got 2 bed frames SULTAN LURÖY from a friend that bought a new bed, and used them to make 2 planter box. After planning it a while decided to build a interior frame to support the planter using a wood pallet.
The wood boards from the SULTAN are a bit round and after sanding them choose the 10 more plain to make the front of the planter and the others to cut in half to do the sides.

Ikea materials used:
- SULTAN LURÖY 2 with 15 boards each. 5 boards for the front, 5 for the back and other 5 to cut in half to make the sides.
- FRAKTA 2 (0,60 € each)- bag stapled on the interior of the planter.
- Nails from the back of a Pax closet

the other materials used not from ikea
- Wood Glue (500 g – 2€)
- wood from a pallet (found outside a store)
- wood protector (10€ a can)
- white wood paint for exterior (10€ a can)
- Nails to make the interior frame (1€ a bag)

After measuring, cutting all the wood start build up the inside frame with the wood of a pallet using 8 boards with 30 cm 2 pallet cubs cut in half to hold the corners together and the bottom of the planter (detailed image with the interior frame)


- nail all the front and back boards with the rounded part out, to the frame putting some wood glue.
- nail the sides with the rounded part in using wood glue as well
- place the bottom, nail from the inside the planter boards so it secure in shape.
- find imperfections and try to repair it using the glue so it stays solid.
- use the wood protector and let it dry (i used 3 coats)
- paint the outside (2 coats)
- staple the bag in the inside
- it’s ready to use

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  1. Michela says:

    Good idea, very cute. I also like to use Sultan for my DIY projects. They are made in a better wood than those I find at the store and cheaper too.

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