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Published on May 8th, 2014 | by chiara


Hackers Help: Bygel – Fintorp and Pax?


Ok, I normally use a 1 door Pax as storage for my vacuum cleaner, broom, cleaners and similar.
On the door I used to have (badly glued) one of those multi pocket things to keep small things organised. It fell off today.
I was thinking about placing a rail (Bygel or Finntorp) screwing inside the Pax door and then place a new multi-pocket thing.

Has anyone screwed anything inside a Pax door?
Will it last?

Thanks for the help!

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4 Responses to Hackers Help: Bygel – Fintorp and Pax?

  1. neithard says:

    I meant something like “grundtal”. though they used to have less fancy ones, in a real S shape. can’t find it though in the catalogue-mine are 8 ys old

  2. neithard says:

    less screw/glue solution:
    use two of those IKEA S-shaped over-the-door hooks. put them facing inward.

    they usually are white, gray, black.

    then hang any construction on these hooks. they are strong, metal, with a PVC protection so there won’t be scratches! :)

  3. sydney says:

    I use several Pax units for entryway storage and also needed a way to hang stuff up. My solution was to buy a Pax hanging rod, installing it, and then attaching plastic containers (like tall, round take out containers) to the rod with zip ties. Works great! No drilling required and super cheap.

  4. metai says:

    I honestly can’t see any problem with it. Pax’ doors are as sturdy as any plywood, use proper plywood screws (SPAX or similar) that aren’t too long and you should be good.

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