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Published on May 27th, 2014 | by Cubits


Guillotined Expedit


Materials: One 1×1 Expedit Unit, One 1×5 Expedit Unit, One pack of 11cm Capita Legs, Two Expedit Inserts (including the cardboard packaging!)

When I moved into my new house, I needed to find an entertainment unit which could hide my surround speaker system. With the Expedit about to go extinct, I thought it would be the perfect candidate for a tribute hack.

To hide the cable connections in the corner and break up the symmetry of the piece, I thought I would combine a floating cantilever look with a cube “beheading”. The heavier single cube holds the left front speaker and subwoofer/amplifier unit.


The Capita legs are glued and screwed into the base of the unit at equal distances from between the second and third cavities (to get that cantilever). Because it won’t be carrying any heavy loads this is all that is required to mount them, but be VERY careful not to slide the unit to move as it could easily tear the legs off!

To make the speaker covers I simply trimmed the length of the cardboard packing from the Expedit inserts. Initially this was a test before I replaced them with fabric covers, but I came to love the texture and even the little Ikea logo. The sound quality is absolutely fine.

Bonus tip: Tidy up the wires into a fabric-wrapped conduit going from the main unit to the cube, I used an ice-blue weave similar to older electrical flex cord. This way you can make a feature of what is usually the bane of electrical goods. :P

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