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Published on May 14th, 2014 | by eyefullofstars


DALSELV bed gets cushy new life


Material: Old DALSELV double bed frame $31 on ebay.


Recycled the retired single mattress foam topper

Recycled two retired single cotton padded mattress protectors

2.5 meters 150cm wide triple weaved upholstery fabric in grey from spotlight at 30 percent off, $34.50.

1x 8mm mdf board $6.60, Bunnings will cut for you to size.

Dark chocolate stain and varnish left over from another job.

1.8 m of black non woven fabric $0.8

1x IKEA $2 blanket

600 t53 staples and Bosch cordless staple gun from Bunnings warehouse given on Mother’s Day

4 hours and a bit of a sore back. But happy not paying $1000 at Town n Country.

IKEA Straw Bunting
Very first kitchen rack

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2 Responses to DALSELV bed gets cushy new life

  1. Bruce A, says:

    Very Nice!!!!!

    any chance you can make it a little clearer what you used where…adding a few detailed “steps” you
    utilized with the item list?

    how thick was the foam for the headboard…and frame?

    memory foam…or poly foam?


  2. Rowan says:

    Thanks for the idea. I see a lot of these for sale secondhand, but they are soooo… not very attractive to my eyes. This looks great!

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