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Published on April 16th, 2014 | by spammenot


Minimal Billy Desk


Description: my goal is to build a small, cheap and easy to packing away desk to make room when I need to open the sofa bed.

Materials: Billy bookshelf,  table top (LINNMON 100x60cm) and one adjustable leg (OLOV).

Step 1:  drill the back of the table between existing pre-drilled holes to fix the leg base.


Step 2 (optional): screw two L-shaped brackets on the opposite side the one with the leg. You will use these to fix the desk to the bookcase shelf.

billy_desk_09 billy_desk_08

Step 3: adjust the height of a shelf according to your needs.


Step 4: screw the table leg into its base under the board and put your new desk in place over the bookcase’s shelf you chose, then adjust the height of the leg according to the shelf height.


billy_desk_07 billy_desk_06


Happy hacking!

~ Alfredo, Italy

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7 Responses to Minimal Billy Desk

  1. Samantha Hughes says:

    Hey did you get a specific L shaped brackets or where you able to find them anywhere?

  2. Don says:

    I did something very similar to construct a TV shelf, allowing the TV face back across the room from the Billy units set up in a corner.

    • spammenot says:

      Sounds interesting… why don’t you submit your hack? We want to see it! ;-)

      • Don says:

        Unfortunately it was binned (horror!) during a subsequent house move. However, I might have a pic or two somewhere that I could use for a description.

  3. Arnaud says:

    Nice simple desk.
    And a linux screen :)

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