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Published on April 8th, 2014 | by Brett Oliver


Hemnes TV Bench Hack for PCs or large AV equipment


Materials: Hemnes TV Bench and Glass Cabinets

Modification of TV Bench to take full size desktop PC, PC servers or large AV Amps/stacked AV equipment.

The supplied TV bench is too small to take a full size media PC, large AV amps or multiple AV components. By cutting down the drawers and added a new shelf support you can create a lot of extra space.

bench1 bench2 drawer1 drawer2 side1 side2 bench3


See full details, extra images and video here.

The Closet Girl
Hide the Wires

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One Response to Hemnes TV Bench Hack for PCs or large AV equipment

  1. Maurean Lally says:

    Brett, your idea is so simple but elegant. I am most impressed by how clean and clear your graphics are in explaining your hack. It was so lucky as well that your furniture fit so perfectly into the niche, and the lighting you added to the cabinets really sets the whole thing off

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