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Published on April 21st, 2014 | by Jennifer


Hackers help: Hemnes Bookshelf Height Extension?


We’ve recently inherited quite a large number of books and are looking to turn our formal living room into a library. Love the look of the HEMNES bookshelves but our ceilings are tall and there is about 2ft of unused space above them (we will need to use every last inch of space). Has anyone heard of a good option for an extension that is the same depth? Our quote for custom shelving is over 8k :(

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  1. Adam says:

    As Don suggests, the 183cm wide TV bench works as a base. However, there is a lot of potential weight so you need to do some additional strengthening. I did exactly as he suggested to take advantage of the high ceilings (we have pictures somewhere). I cut the legs off of both the bookcases and the bench itself. Got 90 degree flat metal brackets to reinforce the area where the legs were on the TV bench. I then used brass coloured screws (as they were visible) for the fitting and screwed the two bookcases together and then to the TV bench. I used one of the bottom shelves of the bookcases (these cannot be used when you chop off the legs) to brace the top of the bookcases (which cannot be seen because it’s so tall :-) – worked a treat and will definitely be using Hemnes stuff in our next house for more modding / creation of integrated storage areas. The TV bench, when assembled fully, passes the weight through the vertical planks between the drawers. Our bookcase is full of paperbacks, hardbacks and reference books (which weigh a lot), and it hasn’t so much as creaked. The TV bench has a lot of material strength when you take the legs off because most of it translated directly into the floor through the vertical pieces.

  2. Alan in AZ Alan in AZ says:

    You can always buy more Hemnes units and insert an extra top section above the current top. Hide the join with a fixed shelf right at the cut line and install face frames to cover where adjacent units butt together – this will also hide the join at the front (and make it all look better).

    I’d reconmmend you reinforce the shelves by doubling (or more) the front edges using matching shelf parts (more uses for the extra hemnes shelf parts) – use biscuits & glue and maybe screws to make shelves that won’t bow down under the weight of books (this becomes very very obvious with multiple units on a wall…). to make up small gaps lift the units on a frame of 2×4 with baseboards at the front and perhape a drywall soffit ore crown molding at the top for a totally built in look.


  3. Mary Connacher says:

    Hi, I am at the same stage you have gotten to. I plan to use 3 Hemnes wall bridging shelves butted together to add some height. I intend to build my library wall around an existing set of French doors and need to bring the top of the bookcase up the the top level of the the door casing above which I will attach the bridging shelves to the wall.This will mean chopping off the little legs and building a support on which the bookcase will rest. I will then trim this with the same skirting board that already exists in the room and attach some fancy trim to smarten up it before giving everything a coat of paint. I hope this may fire your imagination to solve your height problem.

  4. Mr. Dubs says:

    The more important question is how much do the books weigh and is the tv bench designed for this purpose? Besta and akurum cabinet systems are much more customizable and stackable then hemnes with little to no modification

  5. Don says:

    Yes, the Hemnes TV Bench (183x40x47) would make great plinth bases for two 90cm bookcases. A bit of cutting required to take off edges from overhanging top surfaces where they’d butt together but looks like, in principle, it’d work well. You need to be confident of clean cuts, maybe search out someone who does kitchen cabinetry with their own workshop & specialist table saw.

  6. Don says:

    I’d think about taking those stubby legs off (well, cutting them) & use something else underneath the Hemnes. I’ll go off & have a look….

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