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Published on April 7th, 2014 | by António Vieira


Children’s play table with storage too



- Kritter table
- Mula Puzzle
- Frogs’ game cups (not in catalog)
- PVC pipe

I intended to get some space to store children’s toys; I used a Kritter table with the purpose of playing and storing at the same time.

In the table lid I fixed the Mula Puzzle and opened a hole to fix the PVC pipe in which game pieces roll down to the floor. I embed the Frogs’ game cups to store small toys and pieces.

At the bottom I built the laterals and the base in MDF material by using a plunge router to mortise the legs of the table, I didn’t use any nails and screws: everything is supported by the tightening of the legs itself.


IKEA Hacking in 3D
Light for a tight space

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  1. jm says:

    Yes, more detail, please! This looks great!

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