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Published on March 24th, 2014 | by dcon9999


Laundry room storage from an Aneboda Single Door Wardrobe


Open Laundry

Parts & Tools needed.

Aneboda Single Door Wardrobe
Phillips Head screwdriver
Drill or impact driver
Stud Finder
1/2″, 3/4″, & 2.5″ screws
Between 6 and 9 (depends how many studs you can find) 10″x12″ “L” Brackets
4 Pneumatic Support Hydraulic Hinges (I used ones very similar to this: )

Step 1. Remove Feet from wardrobe
Step 2. Remove all shelves from wardrobe and unscrew the hinged door from the side piece (keeping the hinges on the door itself)
Step 3. (I did this since I was installing it myself) – take apart top and bottom pieces so the entire wardrobe is disassembled into pieces

Step 4. Using stud finder, locate studs for brackets.
Step 4a. Install L brackets w/ 2.5″ screws (I already had a cheap laundry room shelf in there – I just painted it white and put the Aneboda “shelf” (Side piece w/o the hinges) on top.


Step 5. Drill through the bottom and ensure that your screws are long enough to grab the Aneboda, but not too long that they will stick out.

Step 6. Use a shelf as a spacer to determine how much up the wall the next shelf (other side of Aneboda) goes. Use the shelf on the left side of the shelf, middle, and right – connect your measurement lines.

Step 7. Install new Brackets, lay out anebida side with hinges, screw, repeat.

Step 8. (if you have more than 1) put the other aneboda (without hinges) directly on top of the other one – screw together)

Step 8a (repeast same steps from #1)

Step 9: Insert middle shelves (attaches to both “shelves”) drill “ends” (formerly top and bottom) to the wall. Insert other “dividers” (formerly shelves) as you desire to create different sections. Attached doors.

Step 10. you will need two additional hinges from IKEA spare parts department. You should install them in the middle of the door. I found that it would be difficult to bore out the in layed hinge in the door, so I only attached it to the shelf, and it works perfectly. If you don’t use this hinge, and you use hydraulics, the door will not close properly.



Step 11. Install Hinges (follow directions on hinge packaging)



Step 12. Enjoy!





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