Bookcases & Shelving Lots of customization to Billy/Effektiv/Lack

Published on March 31st, 2014 | by Alan Moore


IKEA Built-In Bookcase wall (Billy, Effektiv, Lack)

Lots of customization to Billy/Effektiv/Lack

This wall of 6 Billy bookcases (slightly cut down) and 4 Effektiv cabinets and 2 Effektiv drawer units was added under a new framed-in and dry-walled soffit/architrave topper and forward extended end pillar. This feature has up and down lighting & speakers, while there are display lights in the top section of the Billy units. The Effektiv units sit on a recessed 2″x4″  framed base  that is finished with baseboard to match the room, while the Billy units sit on a top cover over the Effektiv units and a 2″x4″ rail bolted to the wall.

Lack shelves were used as a top for the visible part of lower units and face frames that were once offered for the Billy system were used (cut down @ top and bottom) to frame both the front outline of the Billy units (all 4 sides of each) but also to strengthen all the shelf fronts (using glue and biscuits). This also achieved the heavier frame look we desired overall.

The Effektiv units are wider than the Billy units with the difference hidden behind the face frames.

Very functional for us for books, display and storage underneath.


LERBERG² industrial sideboard
Blackboard for IKEA EXPEDIT

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Alan Moore

Major DIY for many many years. Many IKEA based projects... Formal room bookcases, entertainment unit, scrapbook workroom...

3 Responses to IKEA Built-In Bookcase wall (Billy, Effektiv, Lack)

  1. Brittany says:

    Normally I’m not that impressed by built-in Billys, but this looks awesome. It makes me wish I could see the rest of your house!

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