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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by nurturedbeginningsofcharlotte


Hackers Help: Stora bed turned into playhouse?

I am really hoping that someone out there can help me with this amazing hack using a Stora loft bed, with a Hemnes twin Playhouse bed underneath (done by JC Braithwhite) – does anyone know of somebody who can draw up plans/step by step instructions for a hack they’ve found and can’t stop thinking about?!


Photo: IKEA.com

My husband and I can be pretty handy, if we have guidelines to follow. I have a Stora bed sitting in my storage room and am seriously considering buying a second one that I found on Craigslist, because 2 daughters means we need 2 super cool playhouse beds. I live that the sleeping area is “downstairs” and playtime is up – seems safer for younger kids (and easier to change the sheets!)

My only Ikea hack was a pretty basic Lack hack that I followed a tutorial for. I didn’t know, Is there anyone out there that you can pay who can write up a tutorial for a Stora hacked into a playlist, with step-by-step instructions and plans? Is that something anyone does, like the way you can hire freelancers to draw plans in sketch up, does anyone here on Ikea Hackers do this?

Oh, and I need to be able to build something that cab be disassembled for a move and reassembled in the new location. I hope “hiring a hacker” is an actual thing and I’m not just a crazy person.

Thank you!

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  1. miriam says:

    I had a similar IKEA bed for my kids and I did a fabric enclosure around the bottom. Just staple some velco strips to the inside of the bottom rail and sew the opposing strips to some bedsheets, cut and hemmed to fit.

    Now that I think about it, I did the fabric in 2 parts. The first went from right under the mattress and ended at the lowest rail that keeps the bed’s legs together, and then I did more fabric panels from the “leg rail” to the floor. There was a little “crawl out” slit on the bed’s short side, and a larger opening on the front of the bed’s long side.

    I put a couple of buttonable flaps for “windows” and left the slit for opening in the front. You can customize it by using any kind of fabric and get the kids to help design where they want openings, etc.

    We hung fabric pockets (from velcroed straps) from the lowest rail inside the “playhouse” to keep all kinds of toys and stuff inside, and I used a hanging shoe bag (hung from under the mattress) to store action figures and army men.

    Best thing is that once you remove the curtains, no one will ever know it was a playhouse.

  2. eloine says:

    I can’t help you with the plans since I’m not hacking a stora bed but another loft bed (not the same measurements) and my daughter will sleep upstairs (she’s 6 so she’s old enough to sleep upstairs, but we’re going to build real stairs instead of a ladder, it’s safer and we can build storage under the stairs) and she will have a real playhouse downstairs. We’re also going to put a real floor upstairs because the mattress will be smaller than the floor(queen size loft bed/kid mattress) this way I can change the sheets rather easily and she can have a bedside table with her books and stuff.
    However, even if our plans are different, the main idea is quite similar, and I think it shouldn’t be difficult to do what you’re planning either.
    You need a real floor upstairs too if your children are going to play there.
    I’d screw some more horizontal and vertical planks to make the frame for your “door” and to make the railing frame higher (way higher, so I could maybe put a small window upstairs), then I’d screw some large boards or panels to close the walls , big enough to close the upstairs and downstairs frames at once if possible (cut the boards to integrate windows for the downstairs playhouse).
    Then it’s really just decoration : paint, curtains etc
    Good luck!

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