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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Hugo Perry


Hackers Help: Need a hack for the FREDDE Workstation


I am a young teen and have a tight squeeze in the corner of my room. I really love the FREDDE Workstation but its 140 width and I only have 120! HELP!!

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4 Responses to Hackers Help: Need a hack for the FREDDE Workstation

  1. Marita says:

    If you look at the manual, you don’t need to install the shelves for the speakers.

  2. Ghryswald Ghryswald says:

    Make your own using the Pragel worktop.
    Buy one Pragel 186cm and cut at 120cm leaving you a 66cm upper tier.
    You can center, or offset left/right for the upper tier.

    Here’s what I did with a full 186cm workstation:

  3. David says:

    The cross supports appear to be metal bars tapped for the fasteners that attach to the sides. The probaby can’t be done without metal work. I am guessing the cross supports have arch welded threads on the end.

    You are better off finding a basic black computer desk. If you are using a nook in the room, definitely look for a desk similar with the “sit in the center” arrangement. offset desk seating could put you to close to a wall. If the desk you find does not have the upper shelves (hutch), just get some individual shelves to hang on the wall. To raise you computer like the lowest shelves, you could attach capita legs to a shelf and build a free standing platform.

  4. James7088 says:

    Based on the specs I don’t think its doable. The specs say minimum width of 140 and max 185. My guess would be without the side shelves you are looking at the desk itself being 140

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