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Published on March 28th, 2014 | by Logged Out Permanently


Hackers Help: Help me id this caddy


Can anybody help me identify, or even replace, this caddy? I bought it in the kitchen section a few years ago and it has been invaluable – until an accident this morning. I have seen similar items, but nothing has done as well as this wee gem. And I don’t think it’s mendable.

Thanks for any advice.

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8 Responses to Hackers Help: Help me id this caddy

  1. visca says:

    Thank you for your replies. A sourced an identical replacement off-site and use that for my children to shift heavy jars. The mended one is relegated to lighter uses.I looked at similar solutions to the ones suggested, but decided that the couple of extra purchases, plus time and effort, outweighed the results.
    This is a strange site. Like all parents, I put my children’s safety very high on my priority list. If I choose not to take a risk – however small – with them, that is my prerogative. Yes, I do know how to use epoxy! Criticising newbies is no way to encourage them to stick to a site.

  2. Ray Varner says:

    I think your kids had the right idea. It looks to me that it may have been used to deliver bottles of milk, cream, etc some 60 – 70 years ago.
    I would use the wood glue and then get eight, decorative, two inch (long, not tall) angled (90*) pieces to screw or nail on the corners to help strengthen all of the corners.

  3. Jamie says:

    That is an easy fix.. Grab some wood glue (or other if the box isn’t a wood product) and two mini bar clamps. Apply a light coat of glue and clamp for 24 hours. If you don’t have clamps, or a friend you can borrow some from (the are 10$ each) you could improvise something.. Point is, glue will hold it together forever if used correctly..

  4. visca says:

    Rationell makes sense – it was certainly from the kitchen section.

    Yes – I do use a lot of epoxy glue in our accident-prone household! ;-) But this caddy is used by my children to carry glass jars (quite heavy) and while I’m happy with the mend I have since done I would only use it for lightweight items – I’m not willing to risk it for its original purpose again.
    But luckily I remembered my mum bought its twin on the original shopping trip, so I have now adopted hers!

  5. Pygar says:

    Oh, and “not mendable” is another way of saying “I’ve never used epoxy glue”. I wouldn’t trust cyanoacrylate (super) glue for anything like this, but epoxy will stick nearly anything, to nearly anything, forever. Follow instructions!

  6. Pygar says:

    Looks as though it may have held pop bottles, back in the day when pop came in 16-oz. glass bottles, in six-packs of cardboard that just loved to disintegrate…

  7. Adrienne says:

    It was just called Box with Handle, or Cutlery Box with Handle. I think it was Rationell… not made anymore, of course.


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