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Published on February 4th, 2014 | by mikeme


Measurements for Pax Hinge Doors?



Hello all

I am planning to do a similar hack to this one.

This is a hack to hang hinge doors onto a 75cm PAX wardrobe (which is designed for sliding doors) by cutting one of the doors down from 50cm to 25cm.

I have hung one standard door, which means I have a 25cm gap. Rather than buying another Ikea door, my local hardware store has melamine-covered chipboard “Conti Boards” in almost the right size – 2440mm x 229mm (15cm thick). They will trim the height to the required 2290mm, which means I may be left with a small gap of around 1.5-2cm which I can live with. So all I need to do is drill holes for the hinges and I should be away! I have a hinge hole cutter and the required drill bits

BUT! I am not confident in my own measurements. My question for you all is this: Does anyone have accurate measurements for drilling the hinge and screw holes on Pax hinge doors ? (The taller 229cm ones)

Many thanks — Mike

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One Response to Measurements for Pax Hinge Doors?

  1. yes! the good thing with ikea is that they would give you the measurements :)
    Here they are:


    Ive needed them to make a narrower pax (40cm) – i’ve just cut 3 pieces shorter and drilled holes.
    Are you using the pictured FARDAL doors ? they’re glossy and i would be concerned about color difference ( so many whites!)

    good luck!

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