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Published on February 11th, 2014 | by Karin Copperwood


Knodd Recycle Center

Recycle Center

I adore shopping in the Scratch and Dent area of IKEA. Every IKEA location has one. This section of the store contains items that are slightly damaged, floor models, returns (often with not a thing wrong but the item is already assembled), and items that are missing parts. It is also my favorite place to sit and people watch since it is by the front registers. During my last trip I found these fantastic trash cans that I had admired in the catalog.

Knodd bins are quality epoxy/powder coated steel. They come in three colors: black, galvanized, and white and have nice lids. I chose the white, although they are more of a cream color than white, which I really like. The finish is a satin finish, not a gloss. Each measures 20″ high and have a diameter of 16.25″, so they are not too large for most spaces. They hold 11 gallons and are ok around areas of moisture or humidity since the coating helps prevent rust. The ones they had in the Scratch and Dent section this trip were not really a scratch and dent, in fact they were not damaged at all. The bins I scored were simply missing their handles. Typically the Knodd bins retail for $24.99 each, but these ones were marked just $9 each!!

Price Tag
Adding Label
Recycled Can

I bought four of these beauties to use for my recycle center. I wanted one for each type of recyclable: glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper. I let my fingers do the walking on the internet and found an Ebay seller, Bob90123, who makes the perfect vinyl stickers for recycle bins (Thanks Bob!).

I emailed him with a request for brown since he didn’t have it listed as a color choice. He immediately got back to me and said yes, he had it available. I ordered them on the spot and I was pleased the stickers were reasonable at just $14.95 plus just a dollar in shipping. They arrived super fast and I couldn’t get over how they were the perfect size! The labels are super easy to apply using just your finger. I placed the decal where I wanted it and was careful to rub my index finger over every inch of it before carefully pulling off the clear layer. Then I ran my finger over it again. They stuck wonderfully! I was pleased that Bob90123 even included an extra recycle symbol (which I did not expect) that I put on the lids to the cans.

Lining them up in my back hall they fit perfectly. Now I have a way to sort all my recyclables effectively and efficiently. Not all things are recyclable, and those things will simply have to be put in my regular trash bin, but the majority will be recycled. I am not quite finished with this project as I plan to add Jute rope handles to the bins to replace the missing ones. I also plan to make liners for the bins that will keep the cans tidy, be washable, and can be used to transport the materials to the recycle center. Originally I thought I would just use a plastic bag, but then that really isn’t very environmentally friendly, is it?

So there you have it. Another easy IKEA hack to make life simpler. Happy recycling!

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  1. Bob says:

    So, those are bins used as bins. Where is the hack ?

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