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Published on February 7th, 2014 | by Jusewhite


Ikea PS 2012 locker redesigned as TV-multimedia Cabinet


Even before the assembly of the locker:
- Cut the 4 feet about 9,6 cm to decrease the height (if necessary)
- Dry the gates using aceton
- Remove the lock on each door
- Sand the externals aspects of the doors (Sandpaper 180)
- Paint the doors using acrylic paint, 3 layers
- Put the black metalic handle
- Final assembly
- Voilà!!

Expedit drinks bar: Inspired by another post
BESTA HiFi shelf

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3 Responses to Ikea PS 2012 locker redesigned as TV-multimedia Cabinet

  1. Nick says:

    Beautiful. Great choice of color. Is it necessary to sand the doors before painting them?

  2. Jusewhite Jusewhite says:

    In order to increase the ventilation, I didn’t put the back panel, wich is also usefull for managing the cables.

  3. JDoe says:

    What about ventilation?

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