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Published on February 13th, 2014 | by Marco


Faktum dresser including laundry basket


My wife asked me to make her a new dresser.

To help her we went to Ikea and found the Faktum double closet was the best option. We added a wooden top in which I cut a circular hole so the laundry basket could easily be reached.

For our daughter to reach the top of the dresser I made a wooden ladder which also reaches the already installed dresser fixed to the wall behind the new one.

The lid has been routed out and can’t fall into the hole due to a dado cut. The laundry basket is a up side down Ikea stool.

faktum including laundy basket

faktum including laundry basket

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4 Responses to Faktum dresser including laundry basket

  1. Marco Marco says:

    I made the hole by using the following tools: a router with a piece of wood attached , a drill and a hole saw anda regular drillbit. For the router I used a straight bit and routerd twice, the circle on the top is bigger than the circle on the bottem.

    1. determine the diamater you want;
    2. make a jig like this: http://www.stanford.edu/group/stanfordtaiko/manual/process/jigs.html
    3. cut half way and flip the board over
    4. set smaller diameter and cut half way (the end result looks something like this (http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/376863049/wooden_lid/showimage.html) without the silicone / rubber seal attached
    5. get seccond board and repeat the process so the lid fits into the hole you hav allready cut, leave a gap of about a millimeter for clearence and easy removal.
    6. use centerhole for the router to cut a lager hole with the holesaw (I made a hole of 25 mm)
    7. snad and apply the finish you like.

    I hope this will help. You are correct that there is no direct video on how to do this. But essentially you are cutting two circles with different diameters. On how to cut a circle there are a number of videos available.

    I used a router I know you can also do this by using a tableswa but it is a bit more dangerous because of kickback and the size of the lid you are trying to make.

    Enjoy your project.

  2. cristine Watson says:

    I have no idea how to, but i want a hole exactly like this on my island bench.
    If I was to ask someone to do this what would I ask them to do exactly?
    Or is there a tool i can use to do it? If so what is it? (yes i would practice on scrap a million times first)
    I tried finding a tutorial video with no luck:((
    I can use standard tools and cut but this seems rather tricky. I love the perfect finish you have created and no drill hole start point:))

  3. Marco Marco says:

    Thank you. Made that to an orriginal wooden ladder. Just one of the many things I build.

  4. MultiVroon says:

    Wow, that ladder, gorgeous!

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