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Published on February 7th, 2014 | by Bastien


BESTA Computer


Here is a project that I finally materialized. Put my computer in a BESTA shelf. I’ve never done it before because I was always afraid of heat problem. You cannot put a computer in a closed wood box without a minimum precaution.

First one thing to know is that my computer is a passive computer (except my graphics card that I added later). It is composed of element that emit little heat and will not need to be ventilated. It needs radiators but no fans. I added a fan at the back of the shelf when I added my graphic card for gaming. I admit the fan do a lot. Even if my computer don’t need a fan I can feel the difference when I use it.

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On picture you can see my computer in its metal case, on the BESTA wood board, in the shelf and how I screwed it onto the board.

Buy ventilation fans.

BESTA HiFi shelf
Benjamin stool jazz-up

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2 Responses to BESTA Computer

  1. Intrance says:

    Even if a computer is passively cooled it does not necessarily mean it is operating at a cool temperature, it is just that it has enough surface area to dispel the heat generated by the components. Therefore you still have to have a good air flow to take the hot air away, otherwise you will start to get overheating problems and shorten the life of the components. I would keep an eye on the temps of the processor, graphics and HDs through one of the monitor programmes that can be got free off the internet. If temps are fine all good but they may be high without any current outward signs.

    To ensure good flow you would benefit from a active input (maybe this is the fan you have installed) and either clear outflow or an active fan pushing air out. You don’t want to have to have the door open so some other exit port would be required.

    I would also be careful as it appears that the amp is in the same compartment on the shelf below and this will be generating a lot of heat too. This will add to the overall temperature of the enclosed space.

    Nice work and a good idea but just keep an eye on the temps being generated so that you don’t cause unforeseen problems. Maybe an output fan in the bottom section behind the amp, a low noise larger fan would mean you wouldnt hear it at all.

  2. Peter says:

    Yeah, nice and clean work. lol

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