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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Mary Ann E.


Open Shelving Add-on

KitchenView-LACKshelves IKEA-LACK detail

Easy set-up using a few LACK shelves to create open shelving for the back wall of my kitchen. Used ‘bruised and reduced’ cut offs for the vertical supports, trimmed the horizontals to fit (they cut like butter).

For a special touch (really, only when I’ve got company), I tucked rope lighting behind the shelves to give the brick wall a soft ‘glow’.

I’d originally intended on adding vertical support in the center, but figured I’d see how they fared first. Well, it’s been nearly a decade of who-knows-how-many pounds of dishes, and they’re still not bowing under pressure. Good stuff.

Large Desk with Besta
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8 Responses to Open Shelving Add-on

  1. Crab says:

    At the Atlanta and Charlotte Ikeas (I’m assuming most stores do the same thing,) there’s a section not far from the registers where all of the ‘scratch & dent’ merchandise goes for clearance. Some of the stuff are floor displays that’s been scuffed or discontinued, and some of it is individual parts of a kit with nothing wrong with them, except that another part was broken before it was sold. There’s usually an assortment of ‘extra’ doors and shelves there.

    For instance, the desk I’m typing on right now was one of the big 48″ hollow-core tabletops that you add your own legs to, but it had a big scratch in the finish along one edge. I bought it for ten dollars. My mother had a French press coffee pot that was dropped, and the glass part broke; at Ikea, and admittedly through sheer luck, she found a new glass pot whose metal press had been bent. She paid a dollar for it. At home, it was a perfect fit, and cost less than the $12 to buy a whole new one (may not sound like much, but why pay it if you don’t need to?)

  2. Rado1 says:

    IKEA hackers seems to be “post and forget” system… :(

  3. Bercky says:

    That looks awesome. I covet your brick wall!

  4. elsa says:

    This looks absolutely amazing, may I ask how did you fix the horizontal shelves to the side supports and do you think the fixings could be strong enough for books also?

  5. aununez says:

    I notice that the top is larger than the shelves, I hope you can share the method of how much to cut, and how to assemble.

  6. Rado1 says:

    May I ask you for more details about “‘bruised and reduced cut offs”?
    Many thanks

  7. D says:

    wow, I love your kitchen! Can I move in with you?

  8. anne says:

    Very clean and elegant! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

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