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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Vivianne Bendermacher


Liquorice Lack Table

liquoricelacktable_2 liquoricelacktable_1

For just a couple of bucks you can turn those Ikea Lack tables in your very own Liquorice Lack design table.
Buy some Lack tables (three or four will do for a coffee table) in your favorite colors. You won’t need the table legs, but keep definitely keep them for other hacks!

Also buy wood glue, small wheels and screws to screw the wheels to your table.
Start with screwing the wheels to the bottom table top. Then apply wood glue in a zigzag pattern on top of the table top, and gently press the next table top on to it. Repeat till your last table top. Let the glue dry, and enjoy your Liquorice Lack Table!

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LACK »Extended Version«

4 Responses to Liquorice Lack Table

  1. SD-Cr8 says:


    Type into Google ‘Bassetts liquorice allsorts’ (images) and you’ll see liquorice sweets kinda the same, all layered.

    Not as big tho’…

  2. Suzanne O'Neill says:

    Simple and sweet. I love it!!

  3. Joelle says:

    Very cute, just curious why you call it a licorice table? Is it just the colours or was this inspired by a retail option of the same name? I like to compare inspiration to creation, so this would help.

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